What makes an ICON Cooler special?

The outer shells of ICON Coolers are made of one-piece rotationally molded polyethylene. These shells are then injected with up to 3 inches of polyurethane foam. The hardware and seals used to complete the coolers are of the highest quality and combine with the heavy-duty construction to produce one of the most solid coolers on the planet. Professional-grade performance in the form of extended ice retention and uncompromising durability set these coolers apart from the herd.

Why is the rotational molding process so important?

This production process is a high temperature, low-pressure industrial production process utilizing heat and dual axle rotation of molds to simultaneously heat and layer raw material (polyethylene), resulting in a seamless hollow product. The constant rotation allows the softened material to evenly disperse through the mold, resulting in uniform thickness of walls and strengthened, curved corners that are able to withstand considerably more abuse than the corners of traditional, blow-molded products. *The corners of a cooler absorb the most energy from impacts throughout the product’s life and are traditionally where cracks and leaks occur over time. 

Will my ICON Cooler really keep cold for up to a week or more?

Yes, under certain circumstances. The science of ice-retention is not perfect by any means. Many factors come into play and affect the performance of your cooler. While independent tests have revealed our coolers are capable of retaining ice for up to a week or more, individual experiences will vary depending upon circumstances. There are a number of simple things you can do to ensure you get the most performance possible out of your ICON Cooler.  Learn COOL RULES here.  If you follow these simple steps, your ICON Cooler will be properly prepped and ready for the action it was born for.

What's best for cleaning an ICON Cooler?

Dish soap and warm water will normally do the trick just fine. Our white coolers tend to show the most wear and tear, and therefore, can sometimes require a magic eraser to remove tough dirt.  Leave the lid open on your ICON Cooler when you are finished cleaning it to ensure it dries completely.

What about replacement parts?

Not that we anticipate you needing to replace anything on your ICON Cooler, but just in case you need some new nonskids, or a latch, we’ve got you covered. Just give us a call at 855-525-ICON(4266).

What's the ICON warranty look like?


ICON Coolers warrants that all Gen.2 ICON coolers produced and purchased after July 15, 2014 are free from manufacturer defects in material and workmanship for a lifetime from the original purchase date of cooler. This limited warranty is not valid if the product or components have been: (1) used commercially, (2) damaged through abuse, misuse or neglect, (3) damaged in an accident, (4) unreasonably used or used for any purpose for which it was not intended, (5) repaired or altered in any way from its original configuration, (6) damaged due to any act of nature.

Normal wear and tear, including dents, slight warping, scratches, discoloration, fading, non sticking graphics or wear to skid pads are not covered under this warranty. Loss of parts or components removed from the product is not covered under the terms of this warranty. This warranty applies only to the original owner and is non-transferable.

In no event shall ICON Coolers, LLC be responsible for consequential, special, or incidental damages arising out of a claim or due to use of a cooler. ICON Cooler's limit of liability will be the amount paid for the product at retail.

ICON Coolers reserves the right to change product models and designs. Products repaired or replaced under this warranty may or may not incorporate these changes.

You can submit your warranty claim by completing our WARRANTY REQUEST FORM. A member of our staff will contact you to gather more information, if necessary, and validate your request. Afterwards, you will be given your Return Material Authorization Number (RMA#) which must be included with the copy of your original sales receipt and the return item.

All warranty claim products must be shipped directly to ICON Coolers, LLC in adequate cardboard packaging, freight prepaid. Please include a copy of the original sales receipt along with your RMA#.

ICON Coolers will inspect the product and repair or replace, at our option, any product determined by ICON to be a manufacturer’s defect.   


How can I become an ICON Dealer?

Please contact us at 855-525-ICON(4266) or submit a request on our BECOME A DEALER page.  A member of the ICON team will contact you promptly.