Marketing Requests

ICON Coolers is honored to play a supporting role in various events and organizations throughout the year, both in our industry, in conservation and in our communities.  However, due to the volume of marketing, advertising, sponsorship, and donation requests submitted each year,
the following guidelines for requests must be followed to warrant review and consideration by ICON Coolers.

       Requests must be sumbitted online via the form below.

       Requests for event sponsorship must be submitted at least 60 days prior to event.

       Each organization will only be granted a maximum of one marketing request per year.

       Please have media kits, request letters, and supporting documentation available for review.

Please note that past support does not guarantee future support.  We will only respond to requests that satisfy the above requirements and which are considered suitable by ICON Coolers. Any and all donations and/or sponsorships are subject to the sole discretion of ICON Coolers.

Thank you for thinking of ICON Coolers!